How it Works?

Online Surveys

Online surveys does sound boring…isn’t it? What if you got paid for filling up these surveys? Here at Giftcardgenerator you will we getting paid to earn simply by filling up the online surveys. It is not a waste of time where on completion you will be offered points.

The maximum point that we give to the users is 5points. The surveys will contain your view on the feedback of services as well as the products. You need not have to take this in the wrong way as it is for true that you will be paid for every survey you fill up.

If you think that the surveys would be a tough one, then you need not worry! You will be able to complete the surveys in just matter of seconds. You also need not share any personal information with us as the data provided in strictly under our privacy policy.

Earning Points.

As you fill up the surveys, you get paid for it. It is true! You will also be earning points on completing filling up the surveys that are provided by us. Through the points that you have collected by filling the surveys you will be able to buy gift cards.

There are several ways in which you can earn with us:- Filling up surveys, watching ads, downloading apps.

It is now, that you can earn considerable amount of cash with us. The points that you have gathered can be transferred to your account in Paypal directly. You can also collect them in your Bitcoin wallet. All you need is to choose the mode of payment.

The minimum amount that you will be able to redeem is $20. You can now relax as the surveys are quite easy for you to complete. You will also be able to gather points through them and redeem them for cash.

Downloading the Apps

You can also earn by downloading apps that are recommended by us and keep them with you for a limited period of time. Once you have the app downloaded you can surely earn points.

There are also things for you to complete such as tasks that are provided by us. We open gates for you to start earning in the best possible manner. Once you have got the app downloaded on your smartphone, you need to keep them and start earning. You can easily get your hands on to a minimum of $20 with this.

Watching the Ads

Watching videos and movies can be easily be done and everyone pretty knows them. You might have come across them popping up in your screen at certain interval of time. You might also have skipped off the ads at time. Isn’t it true for the same? But, if you earn money just by watching the ads, would you be skipping them anymore?

Have it ever come to your mind that you will be earning cash simply by watching ads? Normally what would have you done? Simply click on the button Skip when the ads start. These ads usually comes popping in your screen, once you click on it you earn points?

Is this possible?
Yes, at giftcardgenerator you will be earning simply by watching the ads on the website. You will also be earning a lot and gather points by watching the ads and later redeem them for gift cards or cash.

Playing Games

We all love playing games right? We never really get tired of it. We love doing it. But have you ever wondered that you can now earn rewards simply by playing games that we usually love and this is something that is quite attracting to you.

On every game that you play you can simply earn a maximum of 10 points. We have the games on our website. You play them and you start to earn. You can easily get your hands on the gift cards that you have been searching for.